Guy Noble, Contemporary artist, Painting, paintings, YBA, Art, Central St. Martin's.Guy Noble, guynoble
Guy Noble - Ghosts No. 5 2016 Pastel, ink and charcoal on paper 80 × 58 cm (39 1⁄2 x 22 7⁄8 in.) This is from a series of fourteen drawings, each done on consecutive days. The subtle gradations of colour generate a mysterious atmosphere. Although the drawings were spontaneous, the composition was worked out using sketches and the model was carefully posed so that verticals and the angles of the arms create a still, yet fluid, composition. In this series of drawings the artist was interested in the way certain visual anomalies and distortions could trigger certain responses. For example in many Dégas pastel drawings parts of the image appear anatomically impossible but visually convincing and emotionally engaging.