MAY 2017
Drawing Masterclass by Guy Noble Published by Thames & Hudson in the Uk and Prestel in the USA Published in September 2017 This book focuses on the individual artist and their relationship to the medium of drawing. It looks at what a drawing actually does and how it does it. It examines 100 drawings and uses each one to explore an aspect of the medium from a particular point of view. For example, Edgar Degas’s Man Carrying an Urn (see p.160) demonstrates how he cleverly expresses the sensation of the weight of an urn without actually drawing it. If it were described in drawing terms, we would use our knowledge to project into the drawing some expectation of what that weight would feel like. What Degas achieved is quite extraordinary, as it is the one object in the drawing that he has not actually portrayed. By emphasizing certain elements, he creates a drawing from which you could tell almost exactly how much the urn weighs. Of course, this is not the point of the drawing – but to see the actual lines that illustrate the effect of weight is highly educational. Through analysis of each drawing, the reader will develop a more constructive understanding and appreciation that might change the direction of his or her work. Creative tips panels, carefully informed by the drawing on each page, are also included to provide illustrative examples, practical advice and simple exercises to hone skills and inspire your work. The artists featured in this selection cover a broad range of approaches but all exist....... more in September
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